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The transcriptionist is the second set of eyes to ensure accurate documentation and ASR systems do not create error filled documents.

Voice recognition software just cannot compete with the "Human Transcriptionist"

The bloopers below were dictated by real physicians


Patient name was Austin Portiere - Physician dictated - Austin Powers - GROOVY!!!

Physician dictated - Patient wears normal s*** wear.  We should safely assume he meant normal shoe wear!

Can you imagine your patient's medical record having these kinds of errors?  You say no, we love our voice recognition system.  How often do you go through each report to read exactly what that report says?  Reality is using voice recognition this report would have been a part of your patient's permanent medical record and could have been carbon copied to one or more physicians!

* ITS modified patient's real last name to protect patient information in above blooper *


Petition Letter to Legislators

29 October 2010 18 Comments

United States Senate and House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator OR Representative:

We thank you for considering the critical role the healthcare documentation sector continues to play with the adoption of the Electronic Health Record (EHR).  We are constituents from a wide variety of congressional districts across the nation, members of the healthcare documentation community, represented by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) and/or the Clinical Documentation Industry Association (CDIA) (formerly known as MTIA).

Regardless of the method used to capture healthcare information, medical transcriptionists serve as an “essential set of eyes” to ensure the quality, accuracy, and consistency of patient records. As EHRs become more common, error rates could put patients at greater risk. By employing more documentation professionals more jobs will be created while, at the same time, reducing medical errors in the healthcare record.

Our Value Proposition:

Medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) and medical transcriptionists (MTs) are valuable resources to health care providers and the use of electronic health records (EHRs) in four key areas:

I. Efficiency: We enable dictation, which is the most efficient way for healthcare providers to document patient care.

II. Clarity: We produce narrative notes that tell a patient’s full story and enhance clinical decision making.

III. Usability: We enable meaningful use of EHRs in two key areas: interoperability and quality measures.

IV. Accuracy: We find and correct documentation errors at the genesis of the documentation process, providing 98%+ accuracy of clinical information.

Benefits of Medical Transcription within the Patient-Care Cycle:

  • Our services make efficient use of physician time. (We keep doctors from becoming data entry clerks.)
  • We preserve face-to-face interactions between physician and patient. (Physicians can focus on the patient, not the computer screen.)
  • We ensure the quality and validity of clinical data going into an EHR. (Providing clinical documentation authentication support.)
  • We promote information sharing among caregivers in a secure environment. (Every day we route readable patient notes among physicians and hospitals.)

We petition your continued support in these urgent times by communicating with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, seeking acknowledgment in regulations that the dictation-transcription process and structured narrative reports are recognized as vital elements of electronic health records (EHR), are included in the definition of “meaningful use”, and recognized as essential for ensuring patient safety.

If you or your staff has any questions or need additional information, please contact Andrew Wolf, AHDI staff liaison to the Legislative Issues Group at 800-982-2182 ext. 2452 or by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Your consideration, time, and support are appreciated by us all.