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Medical Report Documentation


Independent Medical Evaluations

Medical Summarizations


Medical Submissions

Forensic Investigation Reports

Law Enforcement Reports

Executive Meeting Minutes

CD & DVD transcription available!

See our Medical Record Services Tab to the left.

Integrity also provides additional services for law enforcement, insurance companies, attorneys and many other businesses.

We offer state-of-the-art transcription service.  Dictation and transcribed material are transmitted through our HIPAA-compliant secure servers.

We have a toll free dictation system in place which is easy to use and very cost efficient.  Dial in from anywhere they have access to a telephone.  Once the dictation is complete, it is immediately sent to a human transcriptionist.  We also accept many digital file formats for digital recorders and provide recorders as well.  Integrity does not use voice recognition, but we have the ability to edit voice recognition files.

We offer the above services as many using voice recognition software experience frustration because of misspelled or misusing words they speak 99% of the time.  There is no need to purchase software or hardware to utilize our service!  In addition, you will not be charged any fees.  You only pay for the transcription service.  You will have access to a dashboard that includes information from start to finish for each dictation.  Voice files are also stored depending on the facility's needs.  We can upload your documents into your system using the credentials and necessary software/tools required to do so.  In the long run, the above process has proven to be a more cost efficient process.

With our turnaround time and proven track record of accuracy and attention to detail, we can make it a fast and efficient process!

Call us today to see how we can customize our service to suit your needs!

985.467.0405 or 877. 667.9131